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Roof Cleaning Services

Ayrshire Scotland

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Roof Coating Guarantee

“Professional Roof Cleaning and Roof Coating throughout Scotland”

Roof Pressure Cleaning is an effective method to remove moss,lichen, etc from virtually all roofing substrates.  

Pressure cleaning accompanied with a biocide wash will keep your roof moss free for many years. Roof Cleaning with 24 month warranty.


Roof Soft Wash system relies on a powerful biocide to kill the moss and lichen after the larger clumps of moss have been manually removed.

This system is excellent for older roofs and roofs that have no under felt but will work on any roof.


Roof Coating Scotland

Roof tiles surface over time wears and becomes coarse this leads to the build up of dirt, moss and algae which keeps the tile wet accelerating tile deterioration.  To extend the life span of the roof tile apply Climashied Roof Coating or Roof Sealer.

Benefits Roof Coating Include

Resistance to future moss and algae growth.

Water vapour permeable allowing the roof to 'breathe'.

Excellent adhesion between roof coating and tile.

100% acrylic roof coatings

Benefits  Roof Sealer Include

One coat application will render tile water resistant

Highly resistant to water, staining and organic growth

Will not change appearance of roof tiles  

Suitable for slate tiles, clay tiles and concrete tiles

Solvent free impregnating sealer

Odour free

Climashield Roof Coating 10 Year Guarantee

Wall Coatings

Penetrating Damp - Thermal Wall Coating. Textured Coatings

Tarmac Coatings

Tarmac Cleaning Coating Repairs

Imprinted concrete Cleaning Re-colouring Sealing and repairs.

Patio Cleaning -  Sealing

York Stone Indian Sand Stone Paving Slabs Cleaning and Sealing.

Paving Cleaning - Sealing

Block Paving Cleaned Sanded Repaired and Sealed

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing of all surfaces.

Patio Sealing Driveway Cleaning Tarmac Coating Imprinted Concrete Sealing Wall Coatings Pressure Washing

Imprinted Concrete Sealing

Company Services

Roof Cleaning Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Scotland

Roof Green Cleaning Soft WashRoof CoatingRoof CoatingMoss TreatmentsMoss Treatment

Roof Coating installation with 10 year dual warranty. Roof Coatings in eight rich colours.

Roof Coating extend the life span of the roof and keep it esthetically pleasing.

Retard the growth of Moss Lichen Fungi with Biocide Treatments from £245+vat

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